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I really understand what it is like to feel unwell.

For years I struggled with hormonal imbalance.
Acne, mood swings, anxiety, thyroid issues, IBS, weight gain and loss, painful periods and endometriosis. I felt helpless and overwhelmed with what was happening with my body.
After seeing a Naturopath in my teenage years, I continued to search for answers with complementary medicine. I started my studies in Naturopathy, Western Herbal Medicine, Nutritional medicine and Homeopathy in 2006, eager to learn more about the alternative medicines that had drastically improved my physical and mental health.

I am an experienced Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist, consulting as a Senior practitioner at a renowned wellness clinic. In my practice, my goal is to motivate and inspire through practical, no nonsense advice with personalised recommendations and the use of evidence based complementary medicine. My areas of interest are women’s health, specifically hormonal health, healthy metabolism, stress, gut and digestive health, autoimmunity and thyroid health.
I advise and work in Product Development, Product formulation and Regulatory Affairs for trusted Australian vitamin, mineral and nutritional brands and am highly knowledgable in evidence based complementary medicine.
When I’m not in my Warriewood clinic rooms, you’ll find me at the park on a swing with my infant daughter Daphne, taking a long walk around Narrabeen lagoon, listening to a podcast or having a hot cup of chai with my loved ones.



Bachelor Health Science Naturopathy

Advanced Diploma Naturopathy

Advanced Diploma Nutritional Medicine

Advanced Diploma Western Herbal Medicine

Advanced Diploma Homoeopathy

Advanced Diploma Natural Beauty Therapy

Graduate Diploma Counselling (Student)

I commit to continuing practitioner education and regular masterclasses through Health Masters Live and industry seminars.
Further training focus in womens health, reproductive health and fertility, endocrine and thyroid health and I am a certified Body Esteem educator from the Butterfly foundation and am studying my Graduate Diploma in Counselling.

I’m a proud member of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society.

Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

Areas of specialty

  • Hormone imbalance and associated conditions (PCOS, Painful periods/dysmenorrhoea, perimenopause, menopause, irregular periods)

  • Inflammatory conditions with hormonal influence (Endometriosis)

  • Stress management, anxiety, mindfulness, meditation

  • Body esteem

  • Thyroid imbalance (hashimotos thyroiditis) & healthy metabolism

Professional Activities

Contributing author and Naturopathic and Nutrition expert for “I Quit Sugar”.

Contributing writer to Body and Soul Magazine.

Contributing writer The Western Australian Journal of Medicine.

Media contribution on FM radio.

Brooke creates conscious content for health practitioners and corporate events. She is available as a Guest speaker and loves using her knowledge of natural medicine to empower others to take charge of their health. Please contact for all enquiries.